Digital Distribution

We purposefully distribute your music on digital platforms. We help connect you with your audience.

Release Planning & Strategy

Our experienced team strategizes and plans the release of your music based on our data and insights. We optimize the reach and success.

Song Pitching & Playlist Marketing

With the help of our established business partners, we pitch your music to be featured on targeted digital platforms and on curated playlists.

PR & Radio Promotion

We communicate your music the way you want it to be heard. We get you airtime on local radio stations.

Music Publishing

Our expert team registers your music and stores relevant information in our system to secure revenue arising from royalties.

Digital Rights Management

We protect your rights based on our vast experience in the field of digital rights management.

UGC Tracking & Monetization

With our TÜBİTAK-awarded and AI-powered technology, we track uses of your music on digital platforms and take action to maximize monetization.

Royalty Administration & Reporting

We manage the royalty administrations coming from different platforms, regulate the data and report to you.

Sync, Licensing & Brand Partnerships

We manage licensing and find opportunities for your music to be featured, connecting you with adequate partners, replying to their requests and protecting your rights throughout the process.

YouTube Channel Management

Our fully certified team manages your YouTube channel in the most efficient way possible according to the current algorithm. We ensure increased visibility of your channel.

Visual Identity & Social Media, Web Presence

Our team of highly passionate music creatives help you establish your visual identity to communicate yourself better to your audience.

Digital Marketing and Campaign Management

We promote your content on digital platforms and manage your campaigns, adding value to your online presence.

Creative Support

From the conception to the release of your music, our artistic team supports you on all your creative needs.

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